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The Everyday & The Epic

an iterative exploration of body and the everyday objects


It aims to express the culture, human, and fashion aspects in the project through my personal perspective.

A collaboration project with Travel Things Museum.


The two core concepts are Misused and Mix used.


The concept of misused is a study on global hardware culture initiated by two industrial designers. Each year, the project observes hardware in different countries. The designers will first deconstruct the original functions of the hardware and to repurpose them. For example, A notebook assembled with a metallic net, or a bird spike turned into a dish rack.


On the other hand, there is another fascinating observation of Mix used which spontaneously cultivated by human behaviour according to culture, geography, and environment. During the typhoon season, thousands of colourful buoys are washed ashore from Taiwan, South China and Japan. The Ivatan People, who are living in the Batanes islands, Philippines turn these unexpected arrivals into useful objects - from garden ornaments to flower pots, buckets, outdoor sinks and even dish covers. It is a significant example of recycling and reuses by human nature.

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